Onepage personal  bootstrap portfolio template is simple responsive theme for designers and developers with smooth grid loading effect, testimonials and contact form.

  • Cintia Medeiros

    Hi friend i am beginner

    Can you help me with this “Bootstrap portfolio template” ?

    I cant find where is it the function to validate email field, like a email without @

    thank you so much

    • Amit Bajracharya

      Hi @disqus_VaQkbjKcBP:disqus this is a static HTML template. You will have to code PHP to get the forms work done.

  • Hi,
    this theme is really nice, but I have problem with Firefox 41.0.1 (visible black square on main picture for few seconds – with your demo too). And your demo works weird way in Safari (IPhone5) – it seems like no scripts are loaded (no resizing or image effects)

    • You can close the preview bar when you check with phone.

      • Thank you. I tried to close it. But nevermind, I uploaded your file on test server and theme worked on IOS. But there is still issue with Firefox. The reason is in animate.css, but this issue was closed as bug in browser. So thank you for your theme and your time to answer.

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