About Us

TheBootstrapThemes provides high-quality free WordPress themes that focus on usability and specialization for various niches. In addition to the free themes, we provide premium versions that enhance the theme, adding more options to create your ideal website.

Our Goal

Our goal is to facilitate the launch and expansion of online presence for anyone in the world, through high-quality and affordable products, education, and reliable support.

We believe that the product tailored to the user’s needs provides the most value. That is why our themes are customized for specific niches. Users can quickly and easily create a professional WordPress website without the hassle of tweaking generic themes.

Our themes are developed using the Bootstrap framework, prioritizing a responsive, mobile-first design approach.

Who Is Behind?

About Us: Who Is Behind

My name is Jan, and I’m the founder of TheBootStrapThemes.

I have been working in software development for many years. My obssesion is a bug-free product.

I am currently engaged in the development and growing websites with digital products. It’s not just my career, it’s my passionate hobby.

I currently live in Prague with my wife.

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