If you are looking for templates that are easily customizable, originating from an open source code, to create your real estate website, then you can’t go wrong with the real estate bootstrap template. This is a CSS and HTML-based template with unique buttons, fonts, navigation and other components that make it easy to play around with. You can design a real estate website that reflects the person that is uniquely you. Being a front-end framework, designed to be an interface specifically for users, there is a lot that you can do with it to make your website stand out from the crowd.

When you choose the real estate bootstrap template, you are choosing one of the most popular frameworks for websites that gives a whole new meaning to the term “mobile friendly”. With the majority of people today surfing the Internet using their smartphones, it is important that you choose a template for your real estate website that is easily optimized for mobile screens. This can help you boost your real estate business by leaps and bounds. With more and more people on the move, being able to search and navigate listings on a website that is user-friendly and responsive to the mobile screen, no matter what the device may be, can help grow your business. You will get more calls for listings and definitely more business when your website is live and easily accessible on a tablet or smartphone, and not just a PC.

The real estate bootstrap template is a premium bootstrap theme that was exclusively designed to be used for those in the real estate industry. It flaunts all the advantages of a bootstrap template, such as being high on responsiveness, lightweight, and compatible with screens of different dimensions and devices. You can easily learn to customize your real estate bootstrap template.

  • Here are some of the key features of the real estate bootstrap template:
  • It is compatible with all the major browsers that are commonly used today.
  • It is fully responsive on any kind of screen and device, from computers to tablets and smartphones.
  • The bootstrap theme spreads across multiple pages.
  • It has a static HTML theme that can be used on any of your other projects as well.
  • The images on the theme can be changed with the help of a developer or your own coding knowledge.
  • You will get your own HTML and CSS codes on buying the template.

Even if you have no previous experience with Bootstrap templates, you don’t have to worry. A basic knowledge of HTML is all that you need to understand this framework. You can start coding and customizing your real estate bootstrap template in no time at all, with or without the help of a developer. You can view a demo of the template which gives you a detailed and comprehensive picture of what you can expect when you buy the template itself. Your real estate business will never be the same again with this template!


Owl-Carousel, Unsplash, Flickr, Respond.js, Google Fonts, Animate.css, Jquery Mobile, Wow.

You do not have to give any credit to the premium themes. You may use it as you want.

  • i am impressed. Very nice well developed theme

    • Amit Bajracharya


  • Amit Bajracharya

    Thank you @brunojaczkowskiansah:disqus

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  • Emmanuel

    Very nice thanks!

    • Amit Bajracharya

      Thank you for your appreciation.

  • ashraful1322

    it shows template error!!

    • Amit Bajracharya

      Can you please mention what is the error about?

      • ashraful1322

        Template is missing.


        Stylesheet is missing.

        • Amit Bajracharya

          Hi @disqus_UNKyA7kWaZ:disqus this is not a wordpress theme. Its a static bootstrap theme.

          • ashraful1322

            oh!! 🙁

  • James Harris

    How does this template work? I do not know where to upload new houses etc

    • Amit Bajracharya

      @disqus_hZR9LApb22:disqus Its a static template.

  • jeetu09

    Hey Template is Not working properly

    Sliders are not showing many times….

    Please Help Me…

    • Amit Bajracharya

      Working fine here.

  • Leck joob

    How to install on appserv pleas talk to me thanks.

    • Amit Bajracharya

      Its just a static theme.

  • I love this theme, where i can find i little help for start ?? do i need mysql?

    • Amit Bajracharya

      Its just a static theme, you will need to ask for developers help to make it work perfect. @disqus_gTHuEJBm6o:disqus

    • I can help you with the mysql.

    • Anton

      Hi, I can help. I have a ready to use real estate script, just needs the template.

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  • Ganesh Belle

    I m completely unfamiliar with bootstrap. In fact this is the first time i m using it. I m using Dreamweaver CS6, is this template going to require some additional skills other then basic html and css knowledge to edit? Will i need learn bootstrap in order to edit this theme?

    • Hi @ganeshbelle:disqus
      If you know HTML then bootstrap is definitely not hard. Its one of the most simple framework to understand.
      You may start downloading and enjoy.

  • I really searched for many themes on the internet for one of my projects but this suits the best for it. Thanks a lot.

    • Thank you.
      You will have to upgrade your membership to premium to download this theme for just $14 a year.

      I hope you will enjoy this theme.

      Many Thanks.

  • Kwits Gyory

    very good theme…


  • kunal

    is it comes with admin panel??

  • thomas

    i can’t able to download it..what can i do?

    • Your membership level is free. You will need to upgrade your membership to premium for this.

  • rimspig

    je peux pas télécharger cette Template 🙁

  • rimspig

    I can not download this Template 🙁

    • Hi,

      This is premium bootstrap theme. You will need to upgrade your membership to premium to download this theme.

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  • Salento Maldivesit

    Any advice greatly appreciated, Is there some way My Website..
    Case Vacanze Salento alle spiagge le Maldive del Salento in Puglia

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  • Danish Ali

    If I purchase this theme then I will be given code in plain HTML & CSS ?

    • Yes you will get HTML & CSS.

      • Danish Ali

        I tried to get this through Paypall but that generate an error that there is not enough money in account but there was sufficient balance available in account

        • Hi @disqus_pKaPGDdSz5:disqus
          The issue is surely with the paypal, please try again.

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  • DG

    1 – When I do a search using the demo, it returns results that are not in the search parameters. Why is this?

    2 – Once you download the theme and put it where your web hosting service is, I’m assuming you can change home images and add new properties with attributes that the search will capture?

    Please let me know.

    • hi
      This is static HTML template so there cannot by any search result. You will need to code for that.

      Yes you can change the images as per your need. But for the functionality you will have to code with your developer.

      Thank you

      • DG

        Got it Does development assistance come as part of the premium plan or would we need to get our own developer from somewhere else to get any changes made?

        • We just provide HTML template with the premium plan. We do not offer develop service as of now.

  • bluelizard69

    how do i open the sample theme in the mobirise program

  • DG

    I’m going to give this one more shot since I’m stuck.. Do you have any information on how I would take this specific page (linked below) and use it to document different products and make it so the search will actually work? Maybe a reference to a resource or developer who could assist?


    • You will need to dynamically code this part to get this thing worked. This is currently build in static HTML only.

    • Anton

      Hi, I can help. I have a ready-to-use solution for real-eastat.

  • Anton

    Hey, if anybody needs this template up and running with a full website, I can do it fast and cheap. Let me know.

  • Joe San

    Is the premium membership a yearly subscription or just a one of fee? I’m interested in this template and I’m willing to pay 14$, but I do not want a yearly subscription!

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  • pearkitten

    Your templates are really cool. Please check this template this is also niceone http://bit.ly/20ApSnP

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  • vivek

    is it customizable search bar like a 99acres.com bcoz i have devloping like that website and i want to buy this
    so pls reply

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  • pappu kumar

    it is word press template or html bootstrap template .

  • pappu kumar

    we have required chatting facility

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  • BizBudg

    Hi, is this template WCAG 2.0 AA compatible?