6 Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

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Building backlinks is the most effective way to increase your SEO rankings. Google considers backlinks as a major ranking factor. If you are looking to get organic traffic for your website, your focus should be on backlinks.

But not every backlink counts for a successful SEO strategy. You need to consider the ones that come from high authoritative domains. Higher the reputation, the better it is for ranking. There is a difference between link spamming and link building. You need to build backlinks smartly without spamming other sites. Getting quality backlinks for your website is always challenging. But with SEO tools and ethical strategies, you can get good quality links.

Most search engines view links as the vote of confidence in mapping the quality of your content. If another website is willing to cite you as a source away from their site, you must be offering value. The more links you point towards your website, the more trustworthy your site will be.

Google gives no citations to measure the credibility of a website through metrics. But you can use many tools that will give a fair idea of how trustworthy a site is in the webspace. With a higher domain authority, your site will get a good ranking in SERP.

You can get a list of your competitor’s backlinks through various tools, and try to replicate their best links. When you replicate, you have an opportunity to find new links and use them to improve your SEO. Start by choosing your primary competitors and all the websites ranking in the top five to ten positions.

If the websites are ranking above you, it means that they have a better link profile, so they have backlinks of higher quality. You will need to analyze the backlinks after finding all the websites with good metrics. For each competitor’s backlink, try to understand how your competitors’ got the link. For guest articles, you can send a request to contribute.

Over the past years, infographics have been the most popular link-building method. They are not only great for getting quality backlinks for your website, but they also drive traffic from social media since they are sharable. Once you create an informative infographic for your website, submit it on popular infographic directories.

You can use Twitter, Facebook to find people that have used infographics in the past. Do some outreach, ask them to look into your infographics, and get positive feedback. If they like your infographic, they might link it to their website or share it on social media.

3. Build an internal linking structure

Internal linking helps to increase the usability of the website. They build links using the anchor text. With a good internal linking structure, you can help your readers navigate through your website and enhance the user experience.

There are tools, which can create automatic internal links for your blog or website. But try doing this manually, as you can get more out of it. Most SEO experts suggest keeping the internal links per page below 10 for SEO and usability. If you use beyond 10, it will make your website look suspicious.

4. Outreach and promote your content

With quality content, you will need to reach to right people for linking. Use influencer researcher tools to find people willing to share your content. The more bloggers you reach out to, the higher will be your chance of sharing the content.

The broken link building technique is a good way to build quality backlinks. You will need to find 404 errors on a blogger’s website and tell them about it. In return for the favour, they might reward you by linking out to your website. All backlinks are found on the resource pages, where the website owners link to different third-party sites.

Use Google chrome extension to check for links or another plugin to check for broken links. After you get the list, reach out to the webmaster and inform them about the issue. You can direct them to identify and fix the mistakes.

6. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is the best way to get exposure in the web space. You can tap into already established websites and interact with their audience. It lets you build more followers on social media channels, drive traffic, and build quality backlinks.

Guest posts are high-quality stuff, so they should be as good as the content published on your website. You can find all the guest blogging opportunities in key terms of Google and mentions. The combination you use must be correct – keyword+ guest posts or your keyword+become a contributor.

To Sum up

Using some smart techniques, you can build quality backlinks for your website. The process is time-consuming, but the results you will get will amaze you. Also, earning quality backlinks may be challenging at times, but with the right resources and tools, you can find links that may help you increase ranking.

You can keep a track of your website’s backlinks by using a tool to monitor them. Link building is one of the most effective ways to rank higher. Compile resources and information that is relevant to your linking strategy. Your goal should be to create something valuable that is mutually beneficial for both – you and the website you are contributing to.

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