How to Get a Google Featured Snippet with Your WordPress Site

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Have you found short snippets in your SERP results? Those are featured snippets appearing at the top of the organic result. They can answer the searcher’s query and get more clicks. Also referred to as position 0, they are present between ads. The featured snippets give a concise and accurate answer to the searcher’s query.

In most cases, these short snippets sum up the page’s content while identifying the data, like the title and publication date. As they provide relevant information to visitors, they can raise the CTR rates.

You may have already built your WordPress website for your business. However, how do you get Google featured snippets to that site? Before delving deep into the comprehensive guide, it is essential to know the significance of snippets.

Featured Snippets – Why are they Important for your website?

Check out the reasons for which you have to target the zero positions for your website.

No need to achieve the first rank to have a Featured Snippet

It is true that Google drives information from websites with 1st rank. Web analysts have found that a site with rank #1 having no featured snippets gets 25 to 26% of clicks. But, by including featured snippets, you can increase this percentage. Try to grab the position of one of the top 5 search results. You will find a potential to get Google Featured Snippets.

The voice search trend is increasing

One of the major reasons for focusing on featured snippets is that they are designed for voice searches. More than 40% of searches are based on voice. Thus, you have to prepare your website for future trends.

You will become more authentic

When internet users find featured snippets of your site, they will think that the search engine has chosen your answer as the trusted one. They also believe that your website provides concise and clear information. Thus, it is another reason for adding featured snippets to your site.

WordPress Plugins helping you to deal with Featured Snippets

Schema App Structured Data

For featured snippets, you may like to use JSON-LD schema markup, which is easily customizable. Schema App Structured Data is the right choice for you. Professional WordPress developers know the right way of using the plugin. They can implement the markup in the best way.

However, the free version of Schema App is available for a limited period. Although the premium version is slightly costly, it is a user-friendly tool for your needs.

WP SEO Structured Data

It is another widely chosen WordPress plugin for rich snippets. You can easily control it for your needs. The plugin has a free version working with different types of schema, like news articles, videos, events, aggregate ratings, reviews, and blog postings.

Underneath the images and posts, you will find a box to adjust rich snippets for the content. Every schema presents you with a number of fields. For instance, reviews may have the ratings field, while products include URL and price fields. Videos also have thumbnail fields.

Tips to have Rich Snippets for your WordPress websites

Use Breadcrumb navigation for your WordPress website

Breadcrumb navigation is one of the best ways of turning the search listing into a prominent featured snippet. It informs users about their position on the site in relation to the homepage. Thus, it displays a series of links and comes up in the search result.

You may also do it for your WordPress site. Your visitors can find the essential products and browse categories very easily. From your dashboard, you can choose All in One SEO option and then go to General Settings. There you will find the Breadcrumbs option.

WordPress Plugins helping you with Featured Snippets

One of the popular WordPress Plugins for featured snippets is All In One Schema Rich Snippets. It can work with schema of different types, like events, reviews, products, software, videos, and services. You may alter the strings for every schema type.

Add your Local Business Details to the Google Featured Snippets

Lots of internet users look for local businesses to buy their products and services. Thus, local searches can result in successful sales, as they search for directions to purchase things from a nearby store. Some businesses have retail stores, where customers may visit. Thus, to add the relevant details of your business, you can use WordPress plugin- All in One SEO. Google will automatically make it visible as featured snippets.

After activating the plugin, you can set the location (single versus multiple) of your business. Moreover, you have to include business hours from the Opening Hours section. Then, you can connect your business with your GMB site. It will increase the chance of making the information appear in Google’s featured snippets.

Manage your WordPress Website’s knowledge Graph Details

From your All in One SEO plugin, you can find the Knowledge Graph section. It will inform Google what your site represents. You may also add your business logo and contact number. Search engines use Knowledge Graph to reveal the knowledge panels. While a user looks for a business, those panels will come in front of him.

Get WordPress Website links in Google Search

Google can display the Site Links below the search term. Those links are visible with your website name and brand names. However, they can turn up with searches of different types. To find site links, your first task is to include your site in Google Search Console. Then, you can submit the XML sitemap. A flawless website structure will enable you to get the desired site links. Add important webpages and categories for proper organization of the overall structure.

You have now found a comprehensive guide on how to add featured snippets to your WP website. Rich snippets make your webpages distinguished in the search result. You can push the target audience to your site. You may hire professionals to choose the best snippet WordPress plugins. Customize the chosen plugins properly and add your rich snippets.

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