How to Automatically Translate WordPress (Easy Method)

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WordPress site developers are all the rage during the pandemic. Do you know why? Because with all the businesses going down and bankrupt, operating businesses online is the only way one can survive this pandemic.

And to take your business online, having a website is an important factor. You can also form social media business pages, but if you do not have a website, your business might not look professional to your clients.

You can make a website yourself through various websites like Shopifyetc or you can develop your website through WordPress. If you do not know-how, you can always get a professional to design it for you.

The key point here is, you need to take your business to an online platform and you can do that through WordPress.

Now for many site developers, WordPress might sound complicated and you might need a translation. So you might be thinking, can you translate your WordPress site without any complications if you want to take your business to foreign nationals? The answer is yes

In this article, we will outline, why you need to translate your WordPress site and how you can automatically translate your WordPress site through machine learning. And believe us when we tell you this is the easy method.

Why do you Need to Translate your WordPress site?

The following are a few reasons for you to look into translation for your WordPress site:

  • If you have readers or viewers of a foreign country on your website, who might better understand your content if it were in their language, you might look into getting your website translated for your viewers.
  • If the readers can read and understand the content of your website, you might be able to retain a few customers. This especially works if you have a blogging website or if you are selling something that can be shipped internationally as well.
  • You will be building customer loyalty, trust, and ROI if you consider your website is translated into the language of your viewers.

How to Automatically Translate WordPress: (Easy Method)

There are many ways with which you can translate your website. One is to get a translator and a manual translation of content. For example, if you want to promote content and highlight the abba patio coupon code of a furniture store, you can either call in a translator for that or you can use the automatic translation method for it.

Translate WordPress website through WPML plugin:

This is the easiest way you can translate your website to any language. This is a translation plugin, that you will have to install on your WordPress site.

How can you use this plug-in?

Once you have installed it, all you have to do is register yourself and then enter the site key, which you will find under your account on the WPML website.

This is a premium plugin, which means you will have to pay for it. But believe us when we say that this is the best you can get to have your website translated into any language. The plugin specializes in translating website content. So do not be hesitant in getting this if the goal is to impress your international website visitors.

Mentioned below is a step by step guide for you to make it easier:

  1. In your WordPress admin account, go to WPML and then click on Languages. This will show you a lot of options.
  2. Select the language of your current content of the website. Click next
  3. A dialogue box will then show you the list of languages. Choose the language you want your website translated in. This is the area called language switcher.
  4. Next, you will get a prompting message to choose an order for the languages in the switcher.
  5. You need to choose what to do if the translation of certain content is missing.
  6. You can then link the translation of the original content either above or below your post.
  7. You can also preview how your translation link will look and make choices based on that.
  8. After making the selection, you will get a prompt from your WPML site asking if you want to send the theme and plugin information to WPML org.
  9. If you didn’t enter your site key in the beginning, now is the time to enter it.
  10. Just before the last step, you will see a few recommendations for the site to install. If you want you can install and activate the string translation management add-on.
  11. Last, just click skip and finish to close the wizard. And you are all set.

Automatic Translation:

If you want your website content to be translated automatically, without you having to go through all the steps mentioned above, below are the steps:

  1. Go to the WPML Translation management page.
  2. You will get a dialogue box asking, who will translate your page. The obvious and recommended option would be to choose ‘only myself’
  3. You will see an advanced translation editor. Click continues.
  4. Next, you will see a summary, click continues.
  5. Next, you will be taken to the translation management dashboard.
  6. Click on the translation tool tab.
  7. And then click on the ‘sign up for free button’ for automatic translation of your website.
  8. Next, Enter your billing details.
  9. Then go to your translation dashboard and from here click on the content you want to be translated. For example, if you want to translate your content about the abba patio coupon code,Click on that or you can translate your ‘contact us’ page.
  10. After selection of the content, you will have to scroll to the ‘select translation option’ in which you will select the language or any other options that you like.
  11. Then just add your selection to the ‘Translation Basket’ and click the ‘send all items to translation’ button.
  12. After this, you can click ‘take and translate’ on relevant content for automatic translation.

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