Discover the Ultimate WordPress Theme Builders of 2023

In 2023, are you prepared to advance the style of your website? Look no further if you’re looking for the ideal fusion of looks, functionality, and personalization for your WordPress site.

A fascinating and user-friendly website is crucial for companies, bloggers, and creatives alike in this dynamic digital era. Fortunately, a new generation of cutting-edge WordPress theme builders has arrived in 2023, promising to transform the way you create websites.

These tools offer everything, from easy drag-and-drop interfaces to a wealth of pre-designed templates. Come along as we investigate the best WordPress theme developers for 2023.

WordPress Theme Builders vs Page Builders

Let’s define the distinction between theme builders and page builders before delving into the specifics of WordPress theme builders.

Page Builders

Plugins called page builders, such as Elementor, Thrive, and Divi Builder, let you create unique pages or articles. They provide a visual interface and pre-made content creation tools, including blog articles and landing pages.

Theme Builders

WordPress Theme builders, on the other hand, go above and beyond personalization. The general style, arrangement, and styling of your whole website—including headers, footers, single post templates, and more—can be customized using these tools.

Dedicated WordPress theme builders provide more thorough control over the whole website’s appearance, even if some page builders may contain rudimentary theming features.

Theme Builder Basic Terminology

It’s important to comprehend a few fundamental terms before starting your WordPress theme-building journey:


These are pre-made designs for the header, footer, blog post, and other areas of your website.


Conditions dictate where certain templates are used. For instance, you may configure your website such that your homepage displays a certain header and your blog posts another.


These are areas inside templates where material may be placed as placeholders. The site header, site footer, and post content are examples of common hooks.

Dynamic Content

Custom fields, featured photos, and post titles are just a few dynamic aspects that theme builders often let you use in your designs.

Global Styling

You may specify global stylistic options with WordPress theme builders, providing uniformity throughout your website.


An example of a template for a page listing many items of content might be a blog page, category page, or tag page. Listings for custom post types may also use this template, such as showing all WooCommerce goods.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Theme Builder

Take into account the following elements while selecting a WordPress theme builder:

Ease of Use

Choose a theme builder with a simple, user-friendly interface. There shouldn’t be a significant learning curve involved in creating and editing templates.

Customization Options

Make sure the theme builder provides a variety of customizable header, footer, single post template, and other choices. The better, the more freedom you have.

Integration with Page Builders

Check to see whether the WordPress theme builder combines well with the page builder you’ve selected if you’re currently using one for content production.


The speed at which your website loads may be considerably impacted by a lightweight theme builder. Choose one that won’t overburden your website.


Make sure that the theme builder works with the WordPress version, plugins, and theme you’ve selected.

Themes Compatible With Theme Builder

Themes for WordPress that work with theme builders are not all compatible. You should choose a theme that is built to function with a WordPress theme builder in order to get the most out of it. Astra, Neve, and GeneratePress are a few well-known themes with this compatibility.

Our Number One Choice: GeneratePress with GenerateBlocks Plugin

Discover the Ultimate WordPress Theme Builders: GeneratePress with GenerateBlocks Plugin

Our top recommendation for a WordPress theme builder is GeneratePress with the GenerateBlocks plugin. Here’s why it stands out:


GeneratePress is renowned for its lightning-quick performance and clean aesthetic, which makes sure that your website loads swiftly.


It is a flexible option since it integrates well with well-known page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder.


A strong partner plugin called GenerateBlocks enhances GeneratePress’s ability to produce themes.

GenerateBlocks offers many useful blocks that provide important functions to your website. Such blocks provide new design possibilities for headers, footers, and other elements.

Active Development

Both GenerateBlocks and GeneratePress are actively maintained, receiving frequent updates and having a large user base.

Discover the Ultimate WordPress Theme Builders: Most Popular

Elementor Pro

The most widely used WordPress page builder, Elementor Pro, with more than five million active installs. It provides a comprehensive range of functionality, including theme development, in addition to more standard page construction options. What distinguishes it is as follows:

Key Features

  • Visual builder with drag & drop.
  • Create as many header, footer, single, and archive templates as you want for your theme.
  • Conditional template display lets you use templates when appropriate.
  • Simple maintenance of templates with a single interface.
  • Premade templates for various theme elements.
  • WordPress core content is supported for dynamic content, and ACF, Toolset, Pods, and Meta Box connections are available.
  • Integration of WooCommerce using WooCommerce Builder.
  • Popup Builder is used to create popups.
  • compatible with your current theme or capable of completely replacing it.


  • 1 site – $59/year.
  • 3 sites – $99/year.
  • 10 sites (essentially unlimited*) – $199/year.

Thrive Theme Builder

Because it is a whole WordPress theme rather than simply a plugin, Thrive Theme Builder is distinctive. The Shapeshift basic theme serves as the foundation for the variety of templates offered by Thrive Theme Builder for easy deployment. Specifications and key elements include:

Key Features

  • Visual builder with drag & drop.
  • Adjustable controls.
  • Using a setup wizard, choose baseline templates.
  • Complete authority to change or create new templates.
  • The availability of dynamic material, including custom fields.
  • An integration with WooCommerce.
  • Tools for integrating email marketing with list-building.


  • A component of the $299/year Thrive Suite, which also grants access to all Thrive Themes products for use on individual websites.
  • Agency License for usage on sites owned by clients and you, for $49 per month.


The popular WordPress theme Divi comes with a page builder. It is a complete theme builder since it enables you to create themes for your header, footer, and “body”. Crucial attributes of Divi include:

Key Features

  • Visual drag-and-drop interface.
  • several possibilities for style and design.
  • Adjustable controls.
  • presentation of a conditional template.
  • full-site templates referred to as “Theme Packs.”
  • Support for dynamic content for both custom fields and standard WordPress content.
  • Integration of WooCommerce.
  • Can be applied as a plugin or theme.


  • There are two options: $249 for lifetime support and updates, or $89 for a year of support and updates.


Being a plugin that totally changes your WordPress theme, Oxygen is special. This leads to websites that are fast and light. Key elements consist of:

Key Features

  • Visual builder with drag & drop.
  • Adjustable controls.
  • For simple horizontal and vertical layouts, use the Flexbox layout engine.
  • Clean output with little code.
  • Support for dynamic content, including custom fields and material that is dynamic in repeaters or loops.
  • Logic with conditions for dynamic content.
  • The Gutenberg block builder is drag-and-drop.
  • Integration of WooCommerce.


  • Basic – $129
  • Ultimate – $179
  • WooCommerce – $149


The way websites are developed and altered has been completely transformed by WordPress theme builders. They provide you the ability to design a special, customized website while keeping functionality and compatibility.

Take into account your unique requirements, convenience of use, and connection with other tools when choosing a theme builder. Our best pick is GeneratePress with the GenerateBlocks plugin due to its small weight, simple integration, and wide range of customisation possibilities.

Accept the world of WordPress theme builders and realize the full potential of your website.

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