10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Here we bring you some of the Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes. These themes are perfect if you own a food outlet website. Every theme is fully responsive and fully supports WooCommerce.
Divi WordPress Theme

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Food Restaurant

Best Free WordPress Restaurant Themes

The free Food Restaurant WordPress Theme is a mobile-friendly WordPress theme which can be used for multipurpose food businesses. This theme will grant you utmost visibility to web crawlers thereby bringing your website up in SERP. It offers faster page load time and an amazing user experience. The improved user experience will see your traffic increase, stunning look and amazing theme design will bring in more and more traffic.

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Bar Restaurant

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Bar Restaurant theme is a high quality WordPress theme designed specially for Bars, Pubs and Restaurant websites. It is an easily customizable theme which uses WordPress customizer options for logo, colors etc.

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Restaurant and Cafe

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Restaurant and Cafe WordPress theme is a perfect solution for restaurants, cafe or any food and drink businesses. Whether you are running a cafe shop, a bakery or a large luxurious restaurant, Restaurant and Cafe theme will meet your expectation and give your customer a great experience.

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10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Restaurantz is a clean and professional restaurant WordPress Theme perfect for Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee house or any food business. Theme is powered by Page Builder by Site Origin, so drag-and-drop feature will be very handy to customize the page layout as you want.

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My Cafe

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

My Cafe WordPress theme is multipurpose theme suitable best for restaurants,dine out,pub,cafe,etc. Theme is beautiful with an easy customization options to set up a good personal or business website. You can use this theme for any corporate,restaurant,personal blog, heath and fitness, travel, etc.

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10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Restaurante is a lightweight responsive bootstrap theme for restaurants, barbecues, grill houses, Italian restaurants, fast food, pizzerias and more. Features include option to upload your own favicon, customizable background, header & short codes.

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Belise Lite

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Belise Lite is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme for restaurants and food websites. It provides a responsive design, nice food menus via Jetpack plugin, an Events section, and a beautiful portfolio also integrated with Jetpack.

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10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Yummy is a restaurant oriented theme that provides a platform to expose your restaurant on the best manner and also provides feature to sell your delicious and remarkable food and drinks online. It is easily customizable theme build by using theme options panel based on powerful customizer API with live preview.

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Hotel Sydney

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Hotel Sydney is a hotel based WordPress theme which is clean and responsive design. It is used to hotel, restaurant, eatery, food joint, cuisine, hospitality business, recipe, cafe, lodge and others. It is mobile friendly and has a very nice animated homepage. It is easily to setup and customize using Customizer API.

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Restaurant Advisor

10 Best Free Restaurant WordPress Themes

Restaurant Advisor is an elegant theme created especially for food critics, restaurant bloggers, etc. This theme is responsive, and accordingly, its stylish design will look perfectly on any device.

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  2. Hi, thanks for this great template! However I’m not quite sure how to understand the CC license. It states that I should give appropriate credit to the creator. The footer is mentioning “Cyrus Creative Studio”. Is that just some dummy company? Should I just substitute it with a link to http://thebootstrapthemes.com as a creator of the original design? Or should I leave the footer as it is? Thanks a lot for your answer.

  3. I am attempting to use your Restaurant Bootstrap Theme, which is very nice, but the top navbar links will not work if the link is not on the current page.

    I am a very frustrated. If I go to “Inspect” page and test the link it works and if I create links outside of the navbar they work??

    Please help

  4. Hi,
    I’ve only one question left after my final edit of this version.
    I’ve added an extra site for privacy policy. But when I click on the point privacy in the navbar the site won’t open. Any ideas how to fix this?

          1. a href=”LINK” onclick=”javascript:location.href=’LINK'”
            I hope it works for you too. 😉

  5. Hello.
    This template is fantastic. I’m just having a couple issues on mobile/ipad once live after I’ve customized. I’m sure I did something wrong! Can you let me know what you think the issue is? It isn’t rendering responsive for mobile at all, and viewing on an iPad the nav doesn’t work – it only flashes white but doesn’t do anything else. I believe it isn’t recognizing it’s an iPad or iPhone and showing the desktop version (I tested your demo on my iPad and while viewing the desktop version it mimics the issue).

    http://www.arcadial5p.com (active site with issue)

    Thank you in advance!

  6. Hi, sorry for this beginner question but I’m not able to install the theme with one of the different installation ways in Joomla3 (package, directory, discover) – is there any trick on doing so or incompatibility with that version? thanks

  7. I’d like to add a Pinterest image in place of the Instagram image at the bottom of the page. I see where the code is for the Instagram code. Is there a simple way to add the Pinterest image and link?

  8. Regarding the top of the page where the coffee cup and white text of “Best Place For Delicious Pizza and Coffee” appears… When I put this template on our web server, it works fine when accessing the page from a pc/laptop. However, that text and cup don’t appear when accessing the page using a mobile phone. Any idea how to fix?

          1. Hi DG

            Actually I hide it in the mobile as it will not fit in the mobile. if you want that to be displayed then you can remove the line from


            line no. 140
            .banner .caption, .carousel-caption,.carousel-control, .carousel-indicators {display: none;}

            Just remove that line.

          2. Perfect, thanks!! I found that after removing it… it displays fine when looking at the site with the phone rotated horizontally. It’s only a problem when viewing the site with vertical phone position. Thanks again!

  9. Great template, thank you so much for this great piece of work.

    It is stated that this theme is available under Creative Commons License but I cannot find which CC version it exactly uses. I this maybe “CC0” (public domain), “CC Attribution 4.0 International” or any other license?

    Thank you very much for clarification.

  10. I love this template, but am concerned that I have a couple outstanding questions that have yet to be answered. Are they not getting answered because I need to sign up for a Premium account first?

    For the price it seems well worth it, so just let me know as I need these answers and want to make sure the response will be more reliable with a Premium account.

  11. I think I found in the script.js file where it calls up the Google Maps feature that shows up at the bottom of the page. If I want to add multiple markers for multiple different locations, is that possible? Please let me know.

          1. Sounds reasonable! I signed up for premium account, so let me know if I need to contact you another way to get this answer. Thanks!

  12. There are currently 6 types of food categories listed. Does the template as-is allow you to add more rows as needed to list more categories? For example, if I wanted to list 30 more is that easy to do?

  13. Hi.. I find this template very nice. But I want to make a slider (slideshow) on the top header (the part with “Best Place For Delicious..” located). How do I do it?
    Please help me. I’m so newbie with responsive design..
    Look at the picture below:

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