5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Hotels

It’s 2018, Every Hotel needs a website however, being a hotel owner, one might not know what is best for their online audience, so we bring you the 5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Hotels. These are all fully responsive with a beautiful yet stylish design.

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotel Resort

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotel Resort WordPress Theme is designed for resort, hotel, motel, hostel, lodge, inn, bed and breakfast, holiday homes, accommodation, and room reservation services. This minimal WordPress theme has an easy to use WordPress Customizer, a variety of personalization options, secure and clean code, a testimonial section, interactive user interface, etc.

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Hotel & Restaurant

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotel & Restaurant is a cool looking multipurpose WordPress theme well suited for many different websites including restaurants, cafeterias, bakeries, pizzerias and any other dining related site.

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Hotel Luxury

WordPress Themes for Hotels

With Hotel Luxury’s beautiful design, and high coding quality, this theme can showcase your unique accommodations to the world and attract more visitors to your website.

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The Hotel

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Free Hotel WordPress Theme. This smart and responsive WordPress theme that is suitable for hotel, resort, villas, holiday rentals, hospitality, business, restaurant, eatery, cuisine, cafe, lodge, etc.

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Hotel Sydney

WordPress Themes for Hotels

Hotel Sydney is a mobile friendly and has a very nice animated homepage. It is easily to setup and customize using Customizer API.

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53 thoughts on “5 Best Free WordPress Themes for Hotels

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  2. Hello everybody,

    I’m interested in buying this theme in near future and make website according to theme, but I’m little bit confused about the payment. As I see this theme belongs to premium templates with price of 20$. So this is the price that is need to pay every year for maintenance or what, and for 20$ do I get licence for downloading other premium templates or just this one,

    Greeting Lovro 🙂

    1. @lovro12:disqus
      Thank you for looking after this theme. Yes this is premium theme and you will need to pay $20 per year. If you are a premium member we give support for a year and if you renew your membership you will get more support. The best pay is, you will also get chance to download other premium themes that we will be launching in near future. With $20 you get access to all other boostrap template as well.

      1. I have one more question, I see that in this theme there are really nice slideshows with images but I noticed that the resolution of images in slideshow is about 1000 x 625. So I’m thinking is there going to be problems with these slide shows if the resolution of image is much bigger, something like 4096 x 2304,

        Greeting Lovro 🙂

  3. Hi, there is already a realization that what the error misstatement is? So I can not use the template and would cancel the purchase. Thank you for a quick reply.
    Greeting Bruno Löffler

  4. Thank you. I’ve noticed that on smaller screens that’s ok. My screens are 26 inches / 1920×1200 resolution. A Screenshoot annexed.
    Greeting Bruno

  5. Hello, I have downloaded the script Premium Holiday Crown. Unfortunately it does not work in Firefox. The ‘footer’ remains in the lowest third of hanging and does not move to the end. What can I do? Greeting Bruno

  6. I hate companies which fish for new members by false marketing. You guys are marketing this theme as Free on other forums and lists. And then you get people to sign up to download and then it says premium, just freaking great. what a waste of time and I must say, this unethical way of trying to get clients is immoral and I refrain from using such websites. Hence, even if I ever want a theme desperately I will not be purchasing your membership out of principal. Good Night and Good Luck.

    1. Hi Ankush
      Initially all our themes were available for free and it got featured in many blogs. Since last 3 months we have change few of our themes to Premium so that we can continue our good works. Those themes are featured in many blogs still. We are thankful to them though. But sorry for your inconvenience.

      1. Google “Holiday Crown – Hotel Template” few is an understatement, if you decide to convert a theme into premium, you should have people go around changing the info!

  7. hi, I’m premium member, I paid a subscription, but in the last month I sent a few messages asking for support and still did not get an answer.

    I tried to install this template on my WordPress website as a theme, but it does not work in a standard way.
    I expect you provide some instruction or guide how to easily install this bootstrap template to WordPress.
    I’m waiting for your answer, thanks in advance for your help.

      1. hi, thanks for your reply. I did not get any mail from you before.
        I understand, that it is not possible to import these files as a template for WordPress? So what do you mean: Fully customizable for all kind of CMS?

        1. I know this is an old post, but in order to be clear enough Bootstratp has nothing to do with Wordpres. Is not a CMS.
          Bootstrap is just a clean html, css, javascript framework.
          Wordpress is a content management system (CMS)

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